A dynamic speaker & coach that connects you to your inner voice & potential, creating your choice for opportunities for a lifetime.

Aaron Leung has been in the industry coaching speakers since he was a student himself. Inspired by the wisdom shared by senior members via chess, immersed in cultures in over 90 countries plus a unique life-twisting experience, he developed a passion in the field of public speaking . He has won in numerous contests and recently comes in second place in the Impromptu Speaking Contest in entire Southern China including Hong Kong & Macau.

From someone who never likes to share due to lack to trust, to inspiring thousands of talented speakers all around the world. Aaron has dedicated his life in making a difference in people’s lives with their own voices and stories. He has worked with clients like Alibaba, UPS, Google, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, JCI, and various renowned universities around the world. He is interviewed on Irish Radio Station, Toastmasters International, and cultural magazines in relation to his exceptional achievements in his career. Among those achievements, Aaron is humbled by the extraordinary milestones set by his students and mentees who have become TEDxYouth Speakers, two mentees following the footsteps on becoming the district champion in the Southern China regime (2020), debate champions, startup champions, and even two 80+-year-old army veterans to rekindle their lost flames of speaking into inspirers to nurture the younger generations ahead. His biggest achievements include empowering Prison inmates to be accepted by the community, patients with terminal diseases reviving their hope to live, and help others like stutterers dazzle the stage just like anyone, just like King’s Speech.

Students range from 6 to 90 years old have found their voice which creates their choices in their years to come. It’s never old to learn and master the craft of your wealth within your voice and you. Aaron strives to achieve that as his life-long goal.

Being an international speaker who has given over 3000 talks and workshops in over 90 countries around the world, Aaron specializes in the following:

In this episode, Aaron Leung shares with us his journey from a bullied kid with no voice and his journey to finding his own and helping thousands of people across the World from his stage. He shares with us how he overcame his own self-sabotaging demons to live another day to continue to shine the light on others despite going through his own personal challenges. 

  • Stepping out of being invisible 
  • Leadership & Confidence skills developed from a community club 
  • Making win/win situations when working with other people
  • Responsibility of being a leader 
  • How working together in unity with the right leadership can make big differences
  • Overcoming depression to develop a stronger and positive mindset
  • Changing perspectives by helping out homeless people on the streets
  • Finding fulfilment and purpose helping others find their voices 

You can find out more about Aaron Leung by visiting his LinkedIn below:
Aaron Leung’s LinkedIn

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