Adam Cox, a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist and the Founder of Phobia Guru. He’s widely known as the UK’s leading expert on dealing with phobias quickly – so quickly in fact that he was called The Phobia Guru by clients and the media. He is also the host of The Modern Mindset Podcast. 

In this episode, Adam shares with us how feeling inadequate drove Adam into learning and doing Business, why he decided to become a hypnotherapist to help people. How he overcame his own anxiety that nearly cripped him from going out of his own apartment. How Adam’s own transformational leadership positively impacted his team and business. 

  • How feeling inadequate drove Adam into learning about making money and doing Business
  • Why and how Adam chose to become a hypnotherapist 
  • How he is able to help his clients make positive psychological shifts with hypnotherapy
  • Why it was important to follow his intuition especially when it aligns with your mission and purpose, especially when it comes knocking on your doorstep. 
  • How anxiety nearly crippled his life and how he overcame it
  • Why creativity & innovation is so important in helping others solve problems and create value
  • How fear can paralyse people from being creative and taking action 
  • How Adam’s transformational leadership to empower and enable his team to grow, which helped his business grow by 50%, increased profits and new hires as a result   
  • How Adam’s bulletproof mindset helped him transform his business during a pandemic

To connect with Adam, you can visit:
The Modern Mindset Podcast

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