What have I learned in Digital Marketing working from Inidivudal Entrepreneurial Start-Ups, SME’s and International Corporate organisations with Sales & Marketing teams over the last 10 years.

I always knew that having a digital presence is only going to be crucial to any business.

It is 1 of the easiest and most frugal approaches to start-up businesses without huge expenditure or investment to get started and the rewards are limitless.

  • More time/Your own hours/Freedom
  • Low cost/expenditure
  • More return
  • Work From Home Flexibility
  • Additional income
  • Make money from your hobbies

If you are on the outside of the digital marketing world looking in and you don’t have any idea what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Well, I’d love to sum it up easily but no 1 day is a typical day nor does any 1 day look the same. What the workday looks like depends on many different factors…

  • Size of company
  • Company’s products and Services
  • B2C, B2B
  • Company’s overall goals and KPI’s
  • Area of expertise (SEO, Web, Development, Video, Photography, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Copywriting, PR, Social Media, e-Commerce, Paid Ads, Analytics, Email Marketing, CRM Management, Graphics Design, UI/UX, Events etc…)

You’ll find some digital marketers are specialists and experts in certain areas, they love the subject, they are amazing at diagnosing the problems and understanding what’s required to get it working with the analytics and data.

Then there are those like myself that are fall under “Full Stack Digital Marketers” often known as “Jack of All Trades” or “Generalists”, we do a mixture of all the expertise.

Full Stack Digital Marketers are highly educated and highly trained, very experienced in different marketing approaches, constantly training to be current, always learning new strategies and improving on our skills.

We don’t just dabble in various marketing tactics or provide low-quality services.

We specialise in strategies that piece and link up all the systems and processes to support the overall end result of what is required to achieve.

Often times in my personal experience, I was brought into companies to replace their “digital agencies” to cut costs and wanting to “build and develop in-house”.

It’s cheaper to bring in someone in-house that could do everything for 1.5k-£2k per month than it is paying digital agencies £4-5k+ for the same type of work.

– They save a lot more money

– They have more control over the content and design without worrying about additional “time billing” on constant mind changes.

Some companies that I worked for had both digital marketing teams and digital agencies to work together.

It speeds up the processes and the in-house team can facilitate and communicate the technical details back to the company.

Making it easier for board directors & managers to make decisions, especially when it comes to organising large exhibitions and events etc.

Doing business has changed now, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for marketing or doing business anymore. More and more companies are having to be more creative, engaging, captivating otherwise they’ll lose the edge to others.

This is where full-stack digital marketers can fit into the overall picture. Being agile enough to adapt and skilled enough to participate effectively in all areas of expertise.

A one-stop-shop that can provide all their digital marketing needs to help them navigate in the digital space.

If you ever get to work with one, keep them close by your side because you never know when you may need them.

I would love to give huge thanks to Mike Bogosian for giving Full Stack Digital Marketers an identity that we can fall under, this article is inspired and a huge credit to his article “Full Stack Marketing 101: What You Need to Know About How to Be a Full Stack Marketer“.

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