Perform an Digital Leadership Audit 

Why should you perform an Audit?

Just like owning a car, over the years, you will see some parts of your car that will need servicing or replacing and go for a yearly maintenance. check up.  That goes for you and your Business, you should always do an check up in different areas and see if it still serves you in a way that is getting you results.

In this article, I’ve added a few actionable steps that you could take to help you enhance your Digital Leadership.

Audit Personal Brand

  1. Search for Your Name in Google (What shows up)
  2. What do people say about you online?
  3. How does your social media reflect you?
  4. Have you published articles on LinkedIn or Medium?
  5. Are you featured on other people’s platforms? (podcast, events you spoke at, radio)

Reviews & Testimonials

  1. What do your customers say about you
  2. Have you dealt with your online reviews?
  3. Have you featured your testimonials?
  4. Have you given testimonials to other people?
  5. Have you given a review to others?

PR & Credibility

  1. What PR’s do you currently have if related?
  2. Are you available for PR or Media?
  3. What is said about your credibility online?
  4. What content do you post to position yourself online?
  5. Do you have valuable content that others can benefit from?

Audit Your Business Online

  1. What is said about your Business online?
  2. Google SEO Rankings (Where are you and what keywords do you show up under?)
  3. How do you show up in Social Media? 
  4. What does your Digital Marketing Strategy look like? 
  5. Audit your Digital Customer Journey (How easy is it to buy from you online?)
  6. Are you listed in local Business directories?

Create Content

  1. Plan and create content in the spare time
  2. Article blogs that demonstrate your expertise
  3. eBooks that could add value to others
  4. Webinars that are solving a problem
  5. How-to videos
  6. Podcast interviews or value-driven content

If you want to get a benchmark of how your Digital Leadership is doing, you can take this Online Audit.