Chris Anderson is a Success & Lifestyle Coach. His business and podcast is Pencil Leadership. He helps coaches start or level up their online coaching businesses by guiding them in the 3 main pillars; health, purpose, and wealth. 

In this episode, Chris Anderson shares with us his journey in how his passion in sports and helping people helped shape his journey as a Success & Lifestyle Coach. His journey led him to getting a Master’s in Health and Human Performance so that he can help others and finding his own passion. 

  • What are the 5 Traits of Pencil leadership
  • How you can discover more passion in your life
  • What you can do to find your potential and discover your worth
  • How you can utilise more of your talents and skills
  • Why it’s important to have a solid foundation of values and integrity

To connect with Chris Anderson, you can visit:
Pencil Leadership

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