Over the last three decades, Dino has built, advised, worked with, closed and scaled over 200 companies over a range of sectors. 

He majors on troubleshooting, business mechanics and execution intelligence. 

His real ‘superpower’ is the ability to connect the actual (not perceived) problem with the solution (or the problem solver with the problem holder). This means he can identify what needs to be done in your business in any of the FIVE key areas and help you short-circuit some huge delays, money pits and learning curves.

In this episode, Dino shares with us why it’s important for leaders to build their character. How to find the differences in management and leadership styles. Why it’s important to know what you’re focusing on. The importance of self-reflection questions to discover your map. How you could engineer success in your life and business by leveraging different digital tools or foundational principles. 

  • The importance of character building for leaders
  • The key differences between management and leadership
  • Balancing between family and business and discovering what matters most
  • Using foundational principles from the fountain of truth
  • Why self-reflection could help you with clarity to change
  • Knowing your patterns of behaviour and what problems you could be really be avoiding 
  • How you could turn distraction into traction 
  • How the diary could be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal of tools. 
  • The importance of strengthening your internal accountability muscle
  • How the mirror can be a great tool in finding answers for yourself
  • The difference between excellence and standards 
  • Ability to leverage technology and get more done
  • The understanding of systems in self-leadership 

To connect with Dino, you can visit:

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