Franciska Kosman is a Jewish Orthodox art-Preneur who started her career as a singer and composer and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles. She then moved on to launch Kay Productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and – most importantly – ways to make an IMPACT with a message worth sharing.

In this episode, Franciska shares with us how she came from a singer to become an international artist and performer. She also shares with us how her Jewish faith had limited her voice and how technology has helped her find her and many others break free with their voices. How her mission is to empower other musicians and artists to spread their missions.  

  • How Francisca turned from a solo artist to an Entrepreneur
  • What running her own podcasting agency has enabled her to give others a platform to build an audience and spread their voice
  • Why the creation process is so powerful
  • Discovering your zone of genius 
  • How you can bring out the best in others when times are challenging
  • How the Jewish culture held her back from finding her voice and trying to find her own voice drove Francisca to help others discover theirs.

To connect with Franciska, you can visit:

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