Jason Hulott has worked in the digital media industry since 1999 when he joined the UK’s first personal finance web aggregator in 1999 as a Content and Partnership manager.

Previously, from 1996, he worked in the finance sector as a business development manager.

In 2003 he co-founded digital marketing business, Speedie Consultants Limited. His expertise and knowledge has helped clients in the Finance, Insurance, Blockchain, Fintech and Automotive sectors, large and small.

He has worked with known household brands such as Moneysupermarket, Protect Your Bubble and Confused as well as helping start-ups go from an idea through to website design, business development and the creation of affiliate partnerships.

Jason has written for many publications and has also been a guest speaker for webinars.

With over 20 years’ experience within both the Internet and finance industries, Jason is well known and well connected.

In this episode, Jason shares with us how he got started in the digital media industry. What it means to be a full stack digital marketer. How businesses can create additional revenue streams quickly. How having affiliates can increase your audience reach without having to put in more work. 

  • How to create additional income streams with affiliate marketing
  • What is a full-stack digital marketer?
  • How businesses can get started quickly creating additional revenue with referrals and promotions? 
  • How you can make money by being the connector and middle person
  • How you could also increase your audience reach by having affiliate partners

To connect with Jason, you can visit:
Affiliate Dojo
Speedie Consulting Agency

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