RYSE was founded by Jay Jackson in 2011. After experiencing success in the real estate and health & beauty industries.

Jay Jackson is an award-winning entrepreneur and author with a proven track record in media, marketing & marketing communications. Jay develops and implements marketing strategies that assist his clients in effectively reaching and engaging niche markets in an authentic manner, leveraging technology and media.

A partial client list includes notable company’s: Pepsi, State Farm, ESPN, Walt Disney World, AT&T, TD Bank, BB&T Bank, Universal Studios, the Orlando Magic, Mercedes Benz and Walmart, among many other nationally recognized brands.

Jackson’s business accomplishments and experience have earned him recognition as:

  • The 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year by the African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Journal’s 2010 Forty under Forty in Business.
  • 2010 ONYX Award for Excellence in Business by the LBS Foundation.
  • 2013 Black Business Beacon from the Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF)
  • October 1st, 2011 Proclaimed ‘RYSE Magazine Day’ by the City of Orlando (Company he founded)
  • March 5th, 2015 Proclaimed ‘Jay Jackson Day’ by the City of Orlando

He is also a published author, whose book Cubicle to CEO – The BluePrint for starting your own business, shares with its readers, real-life lessons on how to overcome obstacles and turn their passion into profit.

In this episode, Jay Jackson shares with us his humble beginnings from growing up in the hoods in an urban area. Always been a hard worker doing extra activities after school. He’d find it frustrating when people are complaining about their current life circumstances but not taking any action in changing it to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals. He shares with us how his entrepreneurial seed was planted in him when doing parcel deliveries. This led to him starting his own real estate company out of his own home. Now he is focused on helping the next generation of creatives making their dreams into reality, unleashing their imaginations for the world to experience. 

  • Helping others rise to their greatest goals and achieving their dreams
  • How real estate helped others grow and have ownership of their lives
  • Why it’s important to follow through with your vision
  • The power of servant leadership 
  • Inspiring others to find their voice
  • Know what impact you want to have even if you don’t know-how
  • Impacting people who require the inspiration and resource 
  • Cultivating and innovating new creative talent
  • The fulfillment of empowering the next generation of creatives 
  • Why it’s important to lose so that you can appreciate the wins in your life 
  • Never let the lack of resources stop you from making an impact

To connect with Jay Jackson, you can visit:
Jay Jackson – LinkedIn


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