Jeff Lobeck has been married to his best friend Stephanie for almost 30 years, and they have 2 amazing sons together – Alex is 25 and Zachary is 19.

Jeff is a coach and mentor who helps people get “healthy” once and for all in all areas of their lives.  He helps them get “unstuck” by guiding them to reveal and then heal the underlying causes that they didn’t even know were holding them back.

Jeff is a Certified Mindset Specialist and an NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

And he gets to travel the world as a contractor for Tony Robbins, creating the firewalks for Tony’s Unleash the Power Within events.

Jeff is grateful and blessed to be doing what he’s doing and lead the amazing life that he has, helping people get healthy once and for all, with his passion to impact generations to come.

In this interview, Jeff shares with us what he learnt from volunteering over 40+ events for Tony Robbins and how he changed the course of his life from chasing negative visions to finding his true passion and purpose in life. Going all-in once and for all. 

  • How Tony Robbins changed the course of his life
  • The important of working on Inner leadership 
  • How changed his “room mate” marriage relationship of 15 years to an passionate 30+ years marriage 
  • How to raise the standards with different peer groups
  • Why you need to help those that help you become leaders
  • Why you need to be taking 100% responsibility for you 
  • How to deal with inner conflicts before the darkness consumes you
  • Discovering what story you are telling yourself
  • Why it’s important to have fun and laugh a lot 
  • In the moment of decisions that your destiny is shaped 

To connect with Jeff, you can visit:
Jeff’s Facebook

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