Jennifer Garman, diagnosed with an unknown disease that halted her from her career track. Struggling with it for 7 years of diagnosis and treatments, she decided that it was time to get her life back on track so she started incorporating gratitude and neuroplasticity into her routine, which started to bring changes into her health. She started to channel her emotions through gratitude, joy and love that brought her back to her happiness and started her mission to share more gratitude into the world. 

Shifting from her career into entrepreneurship and pushing pass the uncertainty and fear that opened up the doors from concepts to whole shops and focusing on the mission that is bigger than herself. 

In this episode, Jennifer Garman shares with us how she won over a 7-year fight with an unknown disease by practicing gratitude and shifting negative thoughts with positive thoughts changed her whole life trajectory discovering her mission in the process. 

  • How she dealt with an unknown disease that disrupted her life for over 7 years
  • Focusing on the positive end result to help more people
  • Building the muscle to deal with adversity
  • How to shift from negative to positive thoughts
  • Searching for the positive keys though 
  • How practicing gratitude each day can help you shift your consciousness 
  • Positive habits that remove negativity to make room for positivity
  • Tapping into the calm energy to remove anxiety
  • How to manage tension and stress in high performing environments 

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