In 2016, Joe Glover was a young marketer in Cambridge, looking for a place to meet his peers and learn about the craft he loved. Layered into this was the fact that Joe was a nervous networker. Walking into rooms full of strangers was intimidating, and everyone just seemed to want to sell stuff. If you weren’t deemed worthy of selling at, people moved on without getting to know the person they were speaking to.

Feeling like there was something missing here, Joe started the ‘Cambridge Marketing Meetup’.

The idea was the events would feature two speakers and lovely networking before and after. Quickly, the group gained traction with other like minded people.

In many ways, within a couple of months it was a mission achieved. However, because it was so much fun, things continued to grow and take new directions. Today The Marketing Meetup community is over 17,000 people strong with monthly events (except in August and December – we all need a rest!), across 14 locations in the UK and USA. We also have a podcast, a Facebook community, and workshops alongside our expert speakers.

Most importantly, we do everything we do with love and kindness in the pursuit of making you a better marketer.

In this episode, Joe Glover shares with us why it’s important to be working on things that you’re passionate about and how you can develop new skills that help you be your best self in uncomfortable challenges and events. How to create based on your personal values and attracting those that resonate. Why happiness cannot be defined by money and the importance of having a support network that lifts you up during difficult times. Why he decided to create a legacy of kindness. 

  • How the marketing nerd club became one of the largest marketing communities in the UK
  • A community where everyone is surrounded by kindness and positivity
  • How you can develop skills to be at your best at networking events
  • Why the community is built on collaborative values
  • Why you cannot let money decide your happiness factor 
  • Have a support network to deal with the challenging days
  • Finding routines and habits that work for you
  • Noticing negative patterns and behaviours in your life 
  • Creating a legacy of kindness 
  • Why we cannot leave our destiny in the hands of other people

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