Joe McCarville has over 20 years of experience in 911 emergency communications.  Over the course of the 20 years, Joe has been a dispatcher, Manager for a countywide consolidation and is currently working as an Operations Manager at an agency in Iowa.

In this episode, Joe McCarville shares with us the unspoken stories and challenges that emergency dispatchers and leaders have to face on a daily basis. He also shares with us the leadership strategies that have helped him lead his team more effectively as well as diffusing any conflicts within the team.

  • Managing high stress 
  • Creating a supportive culture 
  • Utilising technology to lead and support more effectively
  • How you can start leading yourself better before you lead others
  • Learning how to handle communication and leadership conflicts
  • Why you need to get comfortable with having the tough conversations
  • Why listening to the people that you’re helping is so crucial 
  • Learning and growing as a better leader each and every day
  • How being more curious could help you make better decisions
  • How being calm will help you make effective decisions to solve challenges

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