Jonathan Palmar, Chief Experience Officer at Shay Rowbottom Marketing switched his career from being a wrestler to a Forensic Accountant. After finding out that wasn’t the preferred career choice for him, he made his way to become a LinkedIn Content Creator and quickly became a leading voice within the LinkedIn community. 

He grew his audience from 0-70k followers within a few short months and his content gets over 20k views on average just by sharing his advice on creating better LinkedIn content. 

In this episode, Jonathan shares with us his personal journey from being a short, fat kid that was always bullied and having serious battles with lack of confidence in his life. He shares with us how that drove him to become a better version of himself to build self-confidence and go into professional wrestling. 

  • How he grew his LinkedIn profile from 0-70k+ followers on his LinkedIn profile.
  • How to deal with bullies or trolls in your life.
  • How to be more compassionate and empathetic.
  • How to build your social media following by nurturing other people to grow
  • Why you should write your own scripts for content, edit and treat it like a production. 
  • How making micro improvements could change the quality 
  • Using weaknesses to become better 
  • Be more methodical with your creative process
  • Why creating timely relevant content could add more value to your audience than planned out content

To connect with Jonathan, you can visit:
Jonathan Palmar – LinkedIn

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