Louise Heite also is known as the Life Activator and helping women to balance everything as she had suffered being overwhelmed and worn-out in her journey and is now helping others avoid making the same mistake and instead to create a balanced and blissful lifestyle. 

Louise shares with us the importance of embracing vulnerability as a strength and how you can use empathy in any environment to avoid judgment on others and create a better understanding with people. Why it’s important to ask for constructive feedback for improvements and filling up your own fulfillment gauge in your own life. 

  • Embracing vulnerability for growth and development
  • Avoiding judgment on others 
  • Using empathy to adapt and understand others 
  • The importance of Self-Awareness when managing teams
  • Developing resilience and adversity  
  • Asking for feedback for improvements, aligning your values
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 
  • Why it’s important to fill up your fulfillment gauge


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