In the very first episode of The Late Talk Show on Love & Relationships, we talk about what it means to unconditionally love someone. 

Together with relationship coach Dilara Tetik and leadership trainer Ich Loch, we discuss all the fundamentals about why some relationships work and others don’t. This includes practices of letting go of your ego, being vulnerable, and loving ourselves unconditionally first.

Some other things that we covered were the idea of how couples make arranged marriages work, how our relationships with our parents affect our romantic relationships, and how truly forgiving ourselves first can be the path to having lasting relationships with our partners. 

“We cannot love anyone unconditionally unless we love ourselves unconditionally.” – Dilara Tetik

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Lust versus Love
  • Dilara’s top 5 book recommendations on relationships
  • The virtual dating scene
  • How important is compatibility?
  • Making an active effort in relationships
  • What is unconditional love? 
  • Arranged marriages
  • Why do some people reject love?
  • How to truly forgive ourselves?

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