In today’s chat, we dive into the mind of a man and how he perceives courtships and relationships in general. We reveal how men deal with personal problems, how to get out of the friendzone, and why some men just can’t read the signs if a woman is interested in them! 

In dealing with relationships, we discuss how to set boundaries, listening to your intuition when things don’t seem right, and whether jealousy has a place when it comes to true love. 

We also talk about the challenges of the modern dating scene when it comes to cross-cultural relationships and relationships that started through online dating apps. It all boils down to one question…is romance still alive?

“Don’t fantasize and fall in love with someone’s potential.” – Ich Loc

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How to get out of the friendzone? 
  • The balance of investing in a relationship
  • How to approach introverted or sensitive men
  • Setting boundaries in a relationship
  • Why men are less expressive under stress
  • Effects of social media on relationships
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Jealousy in relation to love
  • Can arranged marriages be healthy?
  • Questions to ask on the first few dates
  • Falling in love with someone’s potential
  • The challenges of the dating scene in Los Angeles
  • Cross-cultural dating and its issues
  • Is romance still alive?

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