Manny Wolfe is a testament to what can be achieved with the power of self-belief. Once a homeless drug addict, who went on to serve time behind bars. 

Manny managed to transform his life through communication mastery, mindset control, and internal transformation. Responsible for building multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses, today, Manny helps other businesses grow their customer base and make more sales, through effective communication, and simple, easy-to-implement marketing strategies.

In this episode, Manny reveals to us how he went from a homeless drug addict to one of the leading coaches helping visionary leaders get on stage and more visibility. How he overcame adversity on his journey and the methods he used to overcome the negative behaviours to turn his life around. 

  • Focusing on the bigger visions
  • Overcoming adversity 
  • Making conscious choices to change your environment
  • Surrounding yourself with people that will help lift you up
  • Deep dive into self-awareness discovering the will to change
  • How writing a book changed the course of his life
  • Creating his own podcast platform to share his message to the World
  • Relentless self-examination to change bad habits
  • Revealing the internal conflicts and beating down the demons within before they take over
  • Trusting in yourself as a Visionary and connecting strengths of the team 
  • Changing education 

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