Mark Savant was living a typical life. He dreaded Mondays and celebrated weekends. Every day was the same monotonous routine. He tried many different strategies, but when he started video podcasting…

  • His network exploded
  • Clients came to him
  • New Income streams started flowing

He’s built a system that allows him to create incredible reach with minimal effort. 

Now he helps others create content marketing strategies that move the needle on their business.

In this episode, Mark shares with us his personal journey from living a typical lifestyle to helping others online. How he’s transitioned from a user to a practitioner and leverage the tools. He also shares why it’s not too late to get started on YouTube and why Video content is still going to be very popular in years to come. It is not just the production of the videos but the process of growth and development throughout. Why engaging with your audience is so important.

  • The power of video podcasting
  • How to leverage social media tools 
  • Why it’s not too late to get started on YouTube
  • The importance of communication and engagement with your audience
  • The secret of growth and development in the process 

To connect with Mark Savant, you can visit:
Mark Savant’s Website

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