Mark Simpson, Founder of Boostly. He is the host of The Boost Hospitality Podcast, the creator of The Hospitality Community Facebook Group and winner of the 2020 Shortyz Awards For Best Use of Social Media. He’s coached and consulted with hundreds of short-stay accommodation owners to help them increase their direct bookings and cut down on their over-reliance of the Online Travel Agents. Mark dedicates his time to assisting hosts to improve their knowledge and learn valuable marketing skills to drastically increase their direct bookings, build better websites and create killer marketing campaigns.

In this episode, Mark shares with us how he grew up in hospitality all his life. How he worked all levels inside hospitality jobs and businesses and changing from his dream football coaching to become the founder of Boostly and give back to the hospitality industry with his skills and knowledge with social media marketing. 

  • How Mark moved from a Soccer coaching franchise to creating his own digital agency in hospitality 
  • Why and how he documents daily using social media 
  • How Mark developed different skills and knowledge to grow his digital agency
  • How to deal with uncertainty, show up and do the work even when you don’t feel like it 
  • How showing up consistently can help you create opportunities 
  • How to reinvesting back into the business to scale
  • Why you need to boost your online visibility and show up in front of the right people
  • How you can focus on the right things to help you and your business move forwards 
  • How to eliminate distractions and get quality work done
  • The importance of balancing between Business, marriage and kids 
  • Why communication is so important with your partner
  • How hospitality can pivot during the quarantine

To connect with Mark, you can visit:

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