Mike Ficara is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant.  His core focus is on the growth and scaling strategies for clients, in addition to expertise in personal brand building and social media strategy.  He has had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries over his career going from the classroom to the boardroom. This vast experience provided the insight into how people learn, leadership, and most importantly what motivates people to succeed. Through this, he has taken existing businesses and allowed them to see massive growth and stability through a variety of techniques, consulting for small and large companies such as NEC, Nestle, Brand Ethos and Top Score Writing among others.

Mike has worked with various enterprise clients to develop robust digital training programs along with strategic business plans to attack a variety of markets. Teamwork and self-motivation are something that are important to him and his team. He has a track record of bringing innovative ideas to clients and turning them into competitive products in their space. Due to his wide range of experiences he has been sought after to speak as an expert at several large conventions in a variety of industries across the United States and in International markets as well.

Mike Ficara shares how he became an entrepreneur from a classroom teacher, the importance of having mentors and coaches in your life to help accelerate your progress but also the darksides and dangers of having them. What teaching has taught him about entrepreneurship and the curses that he discovered being in entrepreneurship as well as the art of start down. 

He shares valuable lessons that he has learnt over the years and what we could be aware of as well as what to look out for if it does happen in our journey. He also covers the importance of ethics and integrity in business and why you should always aim to be doing the right thing as karma is always around the corner.

  • From classroom teacher to become entrepreneurship 
  • How teaching is like entrepreneurship 
  • The darksides and dangers of having coaches and mentors
  • The curse of entrepreneurship 
  • The art of start down
  • Its not the perfect product that always wins 
  • Finding out what really matters in life
  • Learning how to decompress and not stressing over it
  • Integrity – knowing when to walk away and when to do the right thing 
  • Knowing when to ethically give up 

To connect with Mike, you can visit:
Brand Ethos
The Start Down Podcast

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