Sam helps CEO’s and entrepreneurs create practical, powerful, profitable personal brands on LinkedIn in order to raise awareness, generate leads, and increase conversion rates.

In this episode, we cover what it takes to show up as the leader of your personal brand. How to handle and resolve conflicts within your teams with integrity before they spiral out of control. How to deal with loneliness and managing emotions as an Entrepreneur and balancing it within your lifestyle. 

  • How to develop and display your personal brand in it’s best light.
  • Influencer personality brand vs trusted personal brand
  • How to handle and resolve conflicts within your teams
  • Changing your personal perception and observations
  • Balancing entrepreneurship life whilst at University
  • Dealing with loneliness and managing emotions 
  • Surrounding yourself with different supportive peer groups
  • How to deal with stress, tension 
  • Strategies & systems to develop and improve yourself as a leader 

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