Sarah St John is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, animal lover, and world traveler. She’s created several startups throughout my entrepreneurial career of over a decade. Through her books, blog, and podcast. Her goal is to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

In this episode, Sarah St John shares with us how she started young with an entrepreneurial bug and found out that she doesn’t enjoy working for other people. She started to focus on building her own businesses instead. She shares with us how you can start your own online business at a budget

  • How she uses digital online tools to educate about digital marketing 
  • What tools and software’s you can use to build an online business at a budget
  • How you can transform from an offline business to an online business with a few free tools
  • How to start side hustles for additional income as a backup plan
  • How to find partnerships and collaboration projects online 
  • How you can create an online business on a budget

To connect with Sarah St John, you can visit:
Sarah St John

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