Scott Doucet, Founder of Podcast Bay and the Knighthood. His podcast management agency helps entrepreneurs and business leaders create a platform to market their businesses, raise awareness for their cause and build amazing relationships. Scott shares with us how powerful living out your personal values could be and how you can create effective business cultures if you make choices and decisions based on your personal values. 

  • How Scott utilised his radio skills and experience to start his own podcast management agency. 
  • How becoming a father and a parent got Scott teaching others what he learned as a father. 
  • He started his own personal development journey and decided to build accountability for men to get together and have a support group. 
  • The support group became the Knighthood that embodies the values of chivalry to create the gentlemen code.
  • The benefits of learning how to be more inclusive and open-minded
  • How you can create and instill your personal values into your business culture. 
  • Helping men break out from toxic masculinity

To connect with Scott, you can visit:
Podcast Bay Productions
Scott’s Facebook

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