Scott McCarthy’s mission is simply to help you become a better leader. Regardless if you are in big business, small business, government, not-for-profit, or even a stay-at-home parent, we all need leadership in our lives. 

At first, it was small. Simply a hobby, recording a podcast to share with the world. But like everything else he touched in life, staying small was not in the cards for the podcast. He slowly built it more and more – first social media profiles, then a website, then recording equipment, then a website rebuild. He named it “Moving Forward” Leadership, the moving forward showing continual improvement.

As leaders we are expected to know it all, to be able to make decisions at a moments notice, to develop our people, and yet sleep soundly at night.  It’s a lot! It takes time, practice, and learning from mistakes to become a good leader.

Moving Forward Leadership is all about continual growth and development. 

In this episode, Scott McCarthy takes us on his journey on how he grew up alongside leadership based skills, roles and hobbies throughout his whole childhood to now. How to find your own leadership style. Why it’s important to plan and build your team for the long-term vision. The importance of communication in any forms of relationships that you have in your life. How to communicate more effectively so that you avoid any potential conflicts that could arise from any misunderstandings. 

  • The fundamentals of leadership & self-discipline
  • The importance of Time management, responsibility
  • How to take care of the people and build then as individuals 
  • How to hold your team accountable to individuals
  • How to build your team into a high performing team
  • The importance to address and resolve conflicts 
  • Importance of being patient with the long term vision and not just chasing the quick short term fixes
  • How to lead your organisation more effectively 

You can find out more details about Scott below:

Moving Forward Leadership

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