Change Your Life By Changing Your Thinking

Everything that Simon does is built to inspire people to see their world differently and ignite their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can unleash their deepest potential. His art is in distilling his insights into powerful lessons that can be easily understood and applied immediately. As an award-winning coach and international keynote speaker, he has been interviewed on Sky News, BBC and Forbes, and has spoken at some of the planet’s most successful organisations such as Virgin, Barclays, Salesforce and Microsoft. He has also just signed a deal with Penguin Random House – the world’s largest publishing house – to launch his first book in Spring 2022.

Simon reveals to us how he quit a successful career to pursue a life of entrepreneurship and how he created a side passion for the rewards of impacting lives. He shares with us the difference between an Employee mindset and an entrepreneurship mindset. The importance of changing your priorities in life as well as discovering your values and implementing additional values. How embracing the attitude of gratitude can change your relationships in your personal and professional life.

  • Why Simon quit his successful banking to pursue becoming a Life Coach & Business Strategist
  • How a side passion turned into a reward of impact 
  • Why avoiding failures hold you back from creating success
  • The difference between Employee Mindset vs Entrepreneurship Mindset
  • How to manage your foundation values and additional values
  • Embracing the attitude of gratitude 
  • Important skills to develop as an Entrepreneur
  • Prioritising what is important to you in life
  • The differences between a Leader and a Manager

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