Simon Hartley is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards becoming world class in their chosen field.

For almost 20 years he has been working in elite and professional sport as a sport psychology consultant and performance coach. He has coached Olympians, world class athletes and International teams to success.

In this episode, Simon shares with us, what it takes to develop a world class mindset and the fundamentals in creating a high performance team. How you can develop characteristics and traits to become world class. The resilience that you can implement into your lifestyle to build mental toughness. 

  • What are the founding characteristics and traits are for world class teams 
  • How to manage the mavericks that don’t follow the rulebook 
  • Why it’s important to hire on character and values if you want to build a high-performance team and culture 
  • Why you should demonstrate people during the recruitment process 
  • How you can build mental resilience and toughness into your lifestyle
  • The quality of the speaker is found in the depth of knowledge and not how well they present
  • Don’t lose sight of your passion and what you’re really good at
  • Fundamentals of knowing and living your values 

To connect with Simon, you can visit:

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