Tega Diegbe helps stuck entrepreneurs go from chief everything officer in their business to CEO of their business by building teams, systemising their workflow and delegation. 

In this episode, we are uncovering what it takes to setup digital systems and processes to help people become better business owners. How to set up a hiring process and culture to bring in the best quality people to fit the team. How to show up even when you don’t want to and a deep dive into systems thinking. 

  • What it takes to set up systems and processes being solution-focused.
  • How to set out a hiring process and culture
  • Focusing on the creation process consistently 
  • How to show up even if you don’t want to
  • Do a task once, systemise it so it becomes an automated process
  • Detach the expectations from outcomes but attach it to the process 
  • Being able to remain calm in high stress and challenging situations
  • Positive habits to increase focus and productivity 
  • Helping people become better business owners by creating systems and hiring more reliable people 

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