Tyler Christensen, an author, teacher, speaker, entrepreneur and a family man with a mission to transform lives. 

Tyler has been overweight his entire adult life, and by 2018 was morbidly obese at 306 pounds with 40% body fat.  As a loving husband and father and a dedicated teacher he knew his health was holding him back. So he made a change.

From 2018 to 2019 Tyler improved his diet, got smarter about exercise, and started incorporating activity into his day (including his teaching).  His efforts resulted in 103 pounds lost and going from 40 to 23% body fat.  He went from not being able to run a mile without walking in 2018 to completing a 52.4 mile ultra-marathon (that’s two marathons back-to-back) one year later.

Since then Tyler has kept the weight off, adding muscle and further lowering his body fat.  He now sleeps better, has less aches and pains, and has even improved his focus and energy.  Being healthy is worth the effort!

Tyler now uses what he has learned about fitness and nutrition by incorporating micro-movements (brain boosts) into his own daily routine as well as his teaching.  In the classroom Tyler regularly dances, play games, and does other exercise with his students.  

His research on the impact of exercise on learning and productivity has been featured in several articles and podcasts and was even selected for a TEDx talk.  Tyler loves sharing healthy strategies with teachers and students in schools and on virtual stages.

In this episode, Tyler shares with us his passion for teaching and educating the next generation about unlocking the power of transformation. He shares with us how he got into teaching and how he unlocked his own power of transformation and the desire to help others live healthier & happier lives. 

  • How Tyler became passionate about learning, development and teaching
  • Managing conflicts with positive rewards 
  • Building relationships by getting to know your audience and learning about the details
  • How helping kids live better lives helped Tyler have a better life 
  • Finding time to learn different skills for self-improvement as well as having fun doing them
  • Learning not to quit and continue to keep pursuing your own goals

For more information about Tyler, you can visit:

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