To be frank with you, I never intended to be an Entrepreneur, I never asked to be a Business Owner.

All I wanted to do was help people win more in life by becoming the best version of themselves so they can have more freedom, love and mastery in life.

It’s a tough game to play, mentally and physically because there will be times where you have to take time out for sales, marketing, networking, fulfilling, customer service, PR and all the other processes and systems that make a Business work.

Did I mention that you also have a life that you want to spend with your family and friends? Some say, you can have both if you system it well. Some say there is no such thing, it’s either work or it’s family time.

How about when your parents are having personal challenges and you have to take time and resources to help them out whilst building a Business? Of course, my family is everything to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being the only Child, I’m blessed to still have both my parents around but it proves difficult when both are facing personal challenges.

I can play the victim and say everyone around me has it easier because they have siblings that can help out whilst I don’t or I can step up and shoulder all the responsibility and just sit with the tension of uncertainty and challenges.

Life will always throw curveballs at us and we can catch it or we can get hit by it and curl up on the floor and cry in pain.

Sometimes you just have to go back into a 9-5 job to build your business until it pays you (most sensible idea and quite secure that your living is covered) or that it helps out the family.

There are times I don’t feel that I’m able to walk the path of entrepreneurship and I’m not built for it. The traits we have to develop the mindset, attitude, determination, compassion, awareness, grit, love, happiness and freedom.

Yes, my mind will always be there to play the game of self-doubt, lack of self-worth, uncertainty, good enough, capable enough.

I can easily just quit this journey and happily go back into the normal life of having a job, start a family, pay bills, go holidays once every few years and then die.

But unfortunately, that’s not the life I want. I want a life where I get to choose where I want to be when I want to be and doing what I want. Not dictated by any limitations that hold a lot of us back.

That’s exactly why I created Limit Break Lifestyle, to help others create a life of freedom, love and mastery breaking all limitations.

Through my choice to go onto this path, I’ve got the opportunity to meet hundreds of great friends that are family, coaches and mentors that hold me accountable and kick my ass when I need it (probably like now).

Whatever you’re going through right now, just know you’re not alone and there are others out there that would love to trade position with you right now as they probably don’t have it any better than you.

Can you tell that I’m ready to give up or step up my game?

There is always a choice to everything. Not making a choice is also a choice for you cheeky ones 😉 sometimes not making a choice is passing up the responsibility to make a choice. 😉

Where are you putting the power today?

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