William Whitecloud founded and teaches the Living from Greatness program, through which he coaches clients to realize their dreams by connecting with their authentic, creative spirit.

William Whitecloud will be sharing with us his 25-year journey of self creativity and his journey to have this insane momentum and always growing and moving forwards.When he made his realisation about how “your focus creates reality” really works and the deeper meaning behind the shadow side and collections of limiting beliefs.

  • The powers of the heart creativity or the dark limiting shadow.
  • Where are you putting the power?
  • Taking responsibility for all the good and the bad experiences in your life. 
  • Don’t be a victim of your own mind. 
  • Start to become the master creator of your own life. 

More details about William Whitecloud: 

Website: https://naturalsuccessacademy.com/ 

Books: The Magician’s Way
The Last Shaman

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