Nothing Happens for a Reason

“Life” happen for a reason?

The answer is… no, not really.

Not that I subscribe to it at all.

If you really need a reason, or if you want something that appears to be the reason, then it is this:


Yes, you did. Both the apparent “Good” and “Bad” in your life.

You can choose to see these events as either as a victim and say “Life happened TO me”, or as a creator “Life happened FOR me”.

We are powerful creators and we create our own life, either consciously and purposefully, or we create unconsciously.

There is no coincidence or mistake in life. Only results which you create within your reality under the principle of Cause and Effect.

You’re either creating the end results that you want or the feedback (other people call it ‘failure’) that is required in order for you to create the end result.

Every apparent “Bad” event carries a lesson for you to learn.

If you were bullied at school since childhood and you kept attracting other bullies at work, or even in your family… YOU CREATED IT.

That is the universe, or God, or life, or whatever you want to call it, sending bullies your way, in order to teach you to “STEP UP!” and step into your personal power.

Until you do, the bullies will keep coming your way because they can smell weakness from miles away.

If your belongings were lost or stolen etc… YOU CREATED IT.

That is a lesson for you to learn to be more responsible and be more vigilant!

You should thank God especially if it was just a phone or laptop etc… There are people in China who steals children! It would be too late for you to learn your lesson by then.

If other people around seems to always let you down or betrayed your trust, or worse, they’ve hurt you… again, guess who is the common denominator? – YOU. YES, YOU!!


Understand that people are only loyal to their own personal values, NOT YOURS. They did not betray you, they betrayed your personal values.

In fact, to begin with, they have always been loyal to their own values. So whenever you project your own expectations on others to live by your values and by your standards, you are already setting yourself up for betrayal. Be prepared to be disappointed.

So what is the lesson here?

Stop letting the wrong people with conflict values into your life, and stop expecting your friends and families and other people to live by your values.

If after reading my post you are still not convinced, then carry on living a life of a victim.

Carry on blaming other people.

Carry on pointing the finger at someone else.

Carry on saying to the world that “It’s not fair”.

Carry on asking God or Fate or whatever you believe in “Why Me?!”

If that is a life you want to carry on living then be my guest. Keep suffering. But it won’t change the fact that you will continue creating the same thing over and over again until the lesson is learned.

If however, you are ready to take 100% responsibility and full ownership of your life, then you will reclaim your personal power, and you will become a powerful Creator and Leader.

All you have to do is Choose.

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Until next time, stay strong, stay focused, and stay shining brightly.

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